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  • We deliver. Whether you’re looking to boost your employee engagement scores or slash your turnover rate, we have the tools and know-how to get you there – and the track record to prove it.
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Upcoming Events

  • Millennial Crusade. Join the Millennial Crusade to invest in your personal leadership development for the ever-changing workplace. If you are between the ages of 20-35, register to access your free monthly personal leadership development program. For more information, please email info@starlingbrook.com and write “Millennial” in the subject line.

Leading Mindfully:
Taking place in Stowe on Nov 27-30th.
Find out more here!

The Meaning of StarlingBrook

Starlings fly in a pattern called a murmuration—moving through the sky in one fluid motion. To achieve this, an alternating starling will take the lead, communicating the direction of flight to the seven closest in the flock. These birds then exponentially communicate the message to the rest, ensuring all are in perfect harmony. Collectively they are stronger, safer and more productive.

StarlingBrook was inspired by nature’s ability to create organizational systems that push beyond convention to inspire and awe. We believe the most successful workplaces are those where leadership is dynamic, information is shared, communication is strong – and where everyone strives to achieve a collective goal.