Leadership Development Programs

Great leaders build trust, break down organizational silos, improve morale and strengthen company cultures. Our suite of services focuses on the concept of collective leadership – teaching leaders to recognize, foster and pool strengths from the collective with the goal of creating the best, healthiest company possible.
Model for Leadership Development
  1. Leadership Mindset– Exploring what got you there and what you need to move forward through the use of assessments
  2. Leadership Skill Set– Learning what leadership models are relevant for you and your organization and the skills required to be a courageous, inspiring leader
  3. Apply to Culture– Through exercises and activities, make your learnings come alive and applicable to your work culture
  4. Practice– Real behaviour change begins once class is over. Reinforce new behaviours and skills through peer coaching groups and action learning initiatives

Strengthen the leadership pipeline

Your company is full of talent – the key is to harness it. We can help you develop emergent leaders, prospective managers and executive talent within your existing workforce.

Perform leadership assessments

The best leaders are those with open minds. We can help your leaders leverage their strengths, improve their listening skills and ask better questions – qualities that will ultimately lead to a more open and innovative workplace.

Training modules to meet your needs

We help your company achieve its leadership goals by creating customized training programs that are enhanced with the use of real-time action learning projects.

Peer coaching program

One of the best ways to break down silos is by encouraging leaders to work together. Our peer coaching program allows leaders to support each other in small coaching groups – developing trust and building collaboration across the organization.
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