Healthy Workplace Initiatives

Healthy Workplace - Office worker doing yogaIneffective leaders – combined with a company culture that supports them – can have detrimental effects on a workplace, eroding the trust, motivation and psychological health of employees. We believe every employee has the right to work in an environment that contributes to positive mental health.

Our healthy workplace initiatives help you create a company culture that fosters ethical leadership, motivated employees and psychologically safe workplaces. We tackle such stress-inducing obstacles as:

  • lack of recognition,
  • work overload,
  • lack of input into decision making,
  • poor interpersonal relationships with supervisor or colleagues, and
  • lack of information or communication.

Our strategies are geared towards addressing sources of stress at the organizational level (examining processes and systems) and the team level (focusing on demands related to tasks, role expectations and issues with interpersonal relationships).

We can also assess your workplace’s existing psychological safety level, and perform an audit of your current HR policies and practices.

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